Staff Openings

We are looking for hard working individuals to volunteer their time for the 2018-2019 season.  UVU students and individuals with hockey knowledge preferred.

Management openings and responsibilities:

– Attend all club meetings and record minutes.
– Update and maintain a current club roster as well as submit any changes to the IM & CS. Office.
– Coordinate with IM & CS Office to ensure the club has a positive and maintained club budget.
– Maintain accurate financial records.

Safety Officer (2)
– Maintain a first aid kit stocked sufficiently with supplies and this kit will be on hand at every club practice and competition.
– Restock first aid supplies as they are depleted, with assistance of the Program Manager and Assistant Coordinator of Club Sports.
– Certified in CPR/First Aid/AED & attend trainings put on by IM & CS Office on concussion protocols.
– Must be at every Club Sport activities.

Assistant Manager
– Oversees delegation of duties to in-house staff and coaching
– Acts as a liaison between the general manager, first assistant manager, and the team
– Assists the general manager and first assistant manager in all duties as needed.

Assistant Coach
– Assists in player development and training as well as recruiting efforts.

Goalie Coach
– Oversees goaltender development and training as well as recruiting efforts.

Social Media Manager
– Oversees the online marketing efforts as directed by the GM and AMs
– Responsible for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, fliers, and any other relevant social media platforms the team engages in

Equipment Manager
– Oversees team equipment, such as washing jerseys, ensuring safe transport of player bags and sticks, etc.
– Water bottles are filled and available on the bench
– Keep extra stick and sock tape on hand
– Maintains a small tool kit available for minor gear repairs during game play and practices.

Staff openings and responsibilities:

Announcers – Responsible for announcing goals and penalties, sponsors, intermission events, and more during, before, and after game play at home games.
– Photographers – Responsible for attending home games for the purposes of photographing the team and fans before and during game play.
– Videographers – Responsible for filming games, interviews, events, and more at all team functions for the purposes of maintaining an online video presence and video documentation of the team.
– Anthem singers – Responsible for singing the national anthem before puck drop.
Statisticians – Responsible for maintaining a comprehensive list of goals, assists, penalties, and more at both home and away games for the purposes of record keeping.
– Social Media Staff – Responsible for updating Twitter and Facebook with live game updates during both home and away games.
– Ticket Booth Staff – Responsible for selling tickets at home games and keeping track of the number of tickets sold.
– Merchandise Table Staff – Responsible for setting up, manning, and tearing down the merchandise table at home games; handling customer cash, card, and check; keeping a locked deposit box on hand for receipts and cash for later deposit into the team account, and maintaining inventory and sales records.
– Scorekeepers – Responsible for maintaining the game clock, score, and penalties while simultaneously keeping accurate record of game happenings on the scoresheet.